A Wintry #TuesdayTune ~ The Fleet Foxes

Hello sweet friends! Welcome to this week's #TuesdayTune.

This weekend I am happy! It is cold, there's only one more week of school and then my kids are on Winter vacation and this weekend is a long weekend for the Queen's Official Birthday, the day when the birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms is officially celebrated. Australia observes the Queen's Birthday on the second Monday in June, marking it with a public holiday that also serves as the opening weekend to Australia's snow season!

So, keeping all of this in mind, this week I am continuing my celebration of all things winter with a special wintery #TuesdayTune.

Have you heard the Fleet Foxes sing?

Fleet Foxes
Mentioned as one of her "Desert Island Discs" in Dawn French's 2008 autobiography Dear Fatty, the Fleet Foxes are led by vocalist/guitarist Robin Pecknold, who fashioned his band's harmony-rich sound in honor of such perennial '60s artists as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Beach Boys.  They mix  baroque pop with elements of classic rock and British folk and are most often compared to Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

I hope you enjoy White Winter Hymnal from the Seattle folk band, Fleet Foxes.

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Thanks for joining in! I can't wait to come and visit you during the week to hear your favourite songs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me in my little corner of the world Down Under! I love it when my fabulous bloggy friends visit-your friendship and support makes my day!

Best wishes for a wonderful week,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Oh, that was nice! I didn't think I knew this song until I heard it. Great song! :)

  2. Natasha, I am so pleased you are doing Sunday Song again.

  3. Happy sunday darling.....enjoy...love from a sunny but cold Holland ..... ..xxx

  4. Thanks for sharing that song. I had never heard it before. I'll try to remember to link up next weekend. I love being exposed to different types of music.

  5. i've been waiting for this because i'm excited to share the song that moved my heart this week. *wink*

  6. I love hearing new groups that I never heard before. This was an awesome post. Stay warm and have a great upcoming week.

  7. This was really good music. I'm surprised they're from Seattle.

    I know our seasons are reversed, but I never think of snow and Australia in the same sentence. Australia is sun and white beaches and barbies. ;)

    Happy Sunday! :)

  8. So glad for you that the Queen's birthday means a holiday for you! Enjoy!

  9. happy queen's holiday! your wintry
    photo is so beautiful. it is very hot
    up here!

  10. Glad you've brought back Sunday Song. Will you go skiing? ~ sarah

  11. It is so hard to think about it being cold where you are! I think of Australia so wrongly. Happy skiing!

    Glad to have a friend on the other side of the world. I would love to visit your country.

  12. It's so strange to think of it being winter somewhere right now.
    Lovely post!

  13. It really is feeling like Winter now.
    I have linked to your blog on my post today - thank you for the mop giveaway, I love it!

  14. Hi Natasha,
    You always introduce me to great music. I love this sound. Oh, you are in a wintery wonderland. When my girls were little I used to love when they were home from school, so I had them all to myself for a bit. We would go sleigh riding and skiing.

    We are entering summer now here in New England. All the gardens are lovely this time of year. Wishing you snowflakes and hot chocolate days.

  15. Hi There!
    It is so neat to think that it's winter time somewhere. Right now in the US we are having a bit of a heat wave! I could go for a little winter right now.
    Love reading your blog!
    Enjoy your snow season.

  16. Natasha..thanks so much for sharing such a great band and singing group. I love folk style music. :o) And the video was so cute!

    I do hope I can get in the groove of Sunday song. I tend to visit with family and rest over the weekend. But I'll work on it and try to get the word out.



  17. I've never heard of them thanks for sharing this group/song.
    It's true you learn something new every day :)

  18. What a lovely, lovely song! I really like it. I haven't heard of this band before but I really love the sound of their music.

    I was thinking of you the other day, Natasha. I can't wait until Christmas so I can enjoy your other Christmas blog again. I can't believe I just said that in the middle of summer!!!


  19. I think that you are going to like my entry today!




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