Tuesday Tune and a Picnic Down Under!

Hello dear friends and welcome to NatashaInOz.com! Thank you so much for dropping to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under today. It's so nice to see you!

I am actually a bit sad today as it is nearly the end of the winter vacation and my kids are going back to school on Tuesday. I love having Maddy and Big Al at home with me and even though they do tend to fight sometimes they love being at home together too. We have had a good break and to end our holiday today we went on a picnic and a hike through the JC Slaughter Falls park in the Mt Coot-tha Reserve.

Mount Coot-tha is a mountain as well as suburb of Brisbane, Australia. The mountain is 287 metres (900 feet) above sea level and it once used to be called One Tree Hill when bush at the top of the mountain was cleared except for one large eucalypt tree. The Aboriginal people of the area used to come to the mountain to collect ‘ku-ta’ (honey) that was produced by the native stingless bee. Mount Coot-tha, translated to Place of Honey, replaced the former title ‘One Tree Hill' in 1880 when the area was declared a Public Recreation Reserve. The Mount Coot-tha Reserve contains more than 1500 hectares of natural bushland, including JC Slaughter Falls. Source

I have loved every minute of our 3 weeks together and so I put together this virtual scrapbook of some of our special memories.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook
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I have been having a few lessons on multi-media from the kids over the break too...how is it that an 11 year old boy knows more about Google+ and itunes than a 39 year old teacher? Anyway, we have been updating our itunes play-lists and Apps and while I was online I came across this gorgeous song from Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw, better known by her stagename Caro Emerald, a fabulous Dutch jazz singer. I can't stop playing this song so thought I would share it for today's #SundaySong. I hope you enjoy listening to it too.

Isn't it a great song!

Have you heard any news songs lately that I might like to add to my playlist? I would love to hear your suggestions! If you have posted about any songs lately please link your blog post up to today's #TuesdayTune link up.

Please just add the url of your particular blog post that you would like us to visit to the Linky tool below. Thanks so much for joining in!

I am trying to squeeze in a few more activities before the kids go back to school so please forgive me if I post and run. I'll see you during the week!

Best wishes for a wonderful week,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Thank you for sharing the information about Australia. It sounds so beautiful and I would love to visit there one day, if only through your blog.

  2. Hi Natasha

    What a lovely day for a hike, wasn't it? We were at friends for a bbq today. We were at Mount Coot-tha a couple weeks ago. A visit to the Planetarium and then a picnic lunch at the lookout. It wasn't the nicest of days but the kids loved it.

    Great song too!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  3. Glad to hear they have preserved some of nature for everyone.
    Google plus just came out. I have heard a little, but I am clueless, haha.
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Sorry your winter vacation time is over.

    But can't help but note, how different your pics from a winter vacation time are, from what winter vacation time in the Northern Hemisphere would look like. :-)


  5. Oh Natasha...three wks isn't nearly enought of a holiday off school. My girls get 9 weeks and like you...I love having them home. Your photos are awesome and the song beautiful.

  6. Oh Natasha I have always loved Australia and "every" Australian I have actually met was awesome. I, like a lot of other people have always wanted to visit your land but sadly it is a world away from North Carolina. I have found a new love as well and that is South Africa. I never knew until the last year that it is such a beautiful country. My friend Desiree and her hubby take some of the most amazing photographs that leave me in awe. They are in their winter now just like you. As you can tell blogging has helped me adjust my opinions of other places and I love it.

  7. hi natasha,

    i miss my post last week. ('been busy)...it's good to be back. =)

  8. wow...wonderful post with lovely clicks..
    first time here..love your space..excellent posts..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  9. hi natasha!

    i was always sad when my chicks had to
    go back to school, too.

    your hike looks lovely, and that is one of
    my favorite outings. in fact, my daughter
    are about to take a beautiful one.


  10. Even after all the years I still miss the "back to school" shopping and getting ready for the new school year, so I know how you feel. Your picnic was a beautiful day and I would love the hike there myself. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Your Sunday Song is a great idea, I''ll have to remember so I can come to your party when I have one to share. Have a beautiful week.

    The French Hutch

  11. Looks like a terrific time! Enjoyed your smilebox, beautiful place to hike.

  12. What a wonderful place to have a hike! I love that flower in the first picture...what is it?

  13. Hi, Natasha....My husband and I are both hikers so I especially enjoyed your post this week with all of the photos. I, too, did a SmileBox album, but mine featured my little granddaughter who came to visit for the week. I still have 5 weeks before we return to school, so I will be taking lots of walks, hikes, and doing lots of picture taking. I really enjoyed your post. Happy MM. Genie

  14. Looks like a wonderful place to hike! It is always a treat for me to see your photos, Natasha... The flora of Australia is so different from what I see close to home! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  15. Wonderful post!!! I especially like your smilebox presentation! Well done! Have a wonderful week! Cathy

  16. Your kids are going back to school and the kids here in Ontario just got out of school for the summer. Lovely photos of your hike. V

  17. Hi, Natasha. It's all I can do to sit and write this instead of dancing around my living room, as I'm listening to the song you posted. As well, your scrapbook is beautiful; I loved the Einstein quote! Finally, thank you for viewing my blog and your kind comments on my Mosaic Monday venture!

  18. Natasha, I dream of traveling in Australia sometime.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. ~ Sarah

  19. Looks like a great place for hiking!

    Oh man. I'm still trying to figure out what google+ even is. Though this is the first time I've admitted it. ;)

    LOVED the song. Have you ever heard of/listened to anything by Emma Wallace? I just got her A Reason To Stay Up All Night album and have really been enjoying it.

  20. Australia is so beautiful .. this is an awsm post such interesting information. The clicks are gorgeous too :)

  21. Hello, sweet girl.
    I didn't realize you were still blogging. Didn't you take some time off for awhile?
    ANYway, hope things are good in your world.
    xo bj

  22. Thanks for sharing your hike with us - sounds and looks like your family and a fun time together.
    Also, thanks for the link to the song - I had not heard her sing before. That song will be in my head all day now. :D

  23. Yes, it's a very happy upbeat song. And if I start singing it all day I'll know exactly whom to blame. ☺

    Oh I used to feel the same way about my kids and their holidays. I didn't want them to end. I enjoyed having them around and doing things and not being tied to a calendar or schedule. (It's why I don't understand advocates of year-round schooling. So much of education does not and should not happen in the classroom.)

    I'm bookmarking you so I don't lose you again. Following you...something!

  24. I haven't added any new music to my IPOD lately either! I need to find out what's new! Love your photos...we love to hike! We sure were active when we had young people visiting us last week! ♥

  25. Thanks for sharing a great song and an artist I had not heard before. Loved it!

  26. Hello Natasha!
    I have always loved Australia- for every European your land is so exotic and fascinating! Now, when I saw your photos - I think - lovely too!
    Greetings from Europe

  27. WOW! Beautiful post with gorgeous pics!!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  28. I really enjoyed the song...wanted to get up and dance ;) ! I also loved your smilebox scrapbook. Looks like you all had a very nice day together. Have a great weekend too!

  29. I miss the days when my kids were in school. Those times of vacation were so special when everyone was home at the same time and we did little things together. It looks like you all had fun and made memories. Sweet.



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