Wordless Wednesday ~ Sibling Love?

Welcome friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week. Can you believe it's already Wednesday?

I have had a good week so far and now the kids are back at school I have been trying to get some order back into the house! I really loved having the kids home with me for 3 weeks but I will definitely not miss their bickering and arguing.

I grew up with two younger sisters and went to an all-girls school so when I had a son it was the biggest shock of my life! When Big Al was a baby all he wanted to do was eat and watch TV but as he got older he found much more joy in terrorising his sister than in eating us out of house and home. I really adore my handsome son but he sure does know how to push everyone's buttons!

On Monday, the last day of the holidays, we thought we would have a game session. We made some cookies and then played "The Game of Life"...doesn't that sound nice? The kids were getting along so well I thought I'd take pictures of them to capture this rare and beautiful moment....

Don't they look so happy and loving?

But look at what happened just a few seconds later....

Can you see the the glint in Big Al's eye? 
Can you see the cheeky expression on his face? 
Can you guess that he is not doing so well in the game and that Maddy is way ahead of him?
Can you see his finger ready to flick the pieces of the game and turn this loving "Hallmark moment" into an episode of Modern Family?

I didn't end up taking any more pictures that day....they wouldn't have been fit for the calm and serene ambience I am trying to create in this blog as they would have contained carnage, fighting and lots of cookie crumbs and spilled milk on my Persian rug!

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, this was a really big "Aha Moment" for me as the mother of a son. You see, even though I was upset with Big Al's behaviour and I made sure he spent some quality time in his room for "reflection" (after he cleaned the rug!) I realised that when Big Al provokes Maddy, he's just finding an excuse to hug her and be close to her. He might not get the warmest of hugs from her but he's happy because at least he's getting some kind of attention from her.

I just hope that he learns sooner rather than later that this isn't quite 
the best way to get a hug from his sister!
Thanks for sharing my "Aha Moment" with me! I am so glad I my dear bloggy friends to share these special memories with. I am also hoping that you might be able share your wisdom with me! If you have some advice on how I can encourage Big Al to find other ways to show affection for his big sister I would desperately love to hear from you!

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Natasha In Oz 

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way. Pamela Dugdale


  1. Your post made me LOL. The sibling relationship is a mystery to me as I am an only child. Sometimes I just stare at my two oldest who are at each others throats. I am just at a loss for what to do. My eldest is just like your Big Al- the antagonizer and he too just wants the attention. What can we do with these boys!

  2. What a lovely post about siblings. It reminds me of enduring childhood with three older brothers! Maturity will change their relationship as it always does when you're growing up.xx

  3. Hi! How are you?

    This made me laugh. I only had 1 sister, 6 years younger than I am. Then, I had a son. I still don't know what to do with him and he is 28! He was so sweet when he was little and around 11, I took him to counselor to find out what happened to him...she told me he was an 11-year-old boy and that is how they act. Perfectly normal. I love mine like crazy, but he can still push our buttons!

  4. Oh, brothers and sisters--the yin and the yang. It's going to be fun watching them grow up and get closer and closer through the years!

  5. oh...wow...wat a fantastic lovely post...ur siblings are sooo adorable..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Can you believe July is almost half over?

    Made me chuckle. I didn't have sisters growing up. But I did have 5 brothers...

  7. Nothing like sibling rivalry! My brother and I used to annoy my sisters like that - we're all very close now. ;)

    WW: Princess Nagger Visits the Devonian Fossil Gorge

  8. That was adorable. I was the first born and had 2 younger sisters that I also terrorized and got into trouble for doing it so it is normal. Thanks for sharing and that last photo is so great of both of them.

  9. That's pretty cool - you're right - when they pick on one another, it's a sign of love.

  10. awww, this post made me smile :) What a great choice for WW


  11. Two brothers and a sister. Sibling relations are always interesting.
    Cute post, Natasha. Enjoy your quiet time! ~ Sarah

  12. h he this will be like my home soon :-)

  13. Hi Natasha. Lovely to see those gorgeous photos today. They sure are lovely looking kids. I had two daughters, then a granddaughter 13 years ago. Then 3 years ago, along came a little grandson. Now, not being used to boys at all, I found it all very strange. He now has a 18 month old sister, but he's certainly different!! He is gorgeous though, and I love him to bits.

  14. I think you sent a spy to my home to see how my darling children interact! I have two older daughters, ages 18 & 15 and an 11 year old son who likes to do the provoking. I can't tell you how many games have been spoiled by him when he is on the losing end. Eventually (hopefully!) they will learn it, but I have noticed that boys seem to struggle more with self-control.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet and continue to love your precious children. You're a great mom and I love reading your stories!


  15. Yours kids look awesome! I have a girl and a boy too, but are twins have 17. LOL gloria

  16. Big smile. I had a girl and boy and they went at it all the time. But it was a rough-kind-of love, too. Your kids are so cute!

  17. I remember how I looked forward to school holidays. Then the return to school... maybe even a little more.

    Those kids are sure cute and they kinda look like you. Funny how that works ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  18. Fun photo essay of your kids!!

  19. Love your photos! New follower from MBC, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


  20. Sibling rivalry rules Natasha, no avoiding it :)

  21. Oh my does this bring back memories of my children growing up. I have to say I can't offer advise 'cos somehow or other they always do there own thing. The only thing I can say is that age does bring a certain calm affection as you will see if you take a peep at my blog. The fact that mine are now 44 & 40 will not bring any relief to you though!!

  22. brings back memories for me too. my kids loved the game of life and there was a lot of sibling rivalry here too. they do outgrow it eventually thank goodness!
    cheryl x

  23. Oh my gosh, can I relate! I just had 3 nieces and 1 nephew here at the same time. Lots of tension in the air, bickering, and a punch here and there. I was exhausted from listening to it! There's always an irritant in the mix. ; )
    Your family is lovely...the love shines thru.

  24. Oh, Natasha, what a couple of cuties! Glad you recognized your son's desire to get a hug from big sis. Now to find a way to encourage him to tenderness first. How about just doing random group hugs. A good time might be when they arrive home from school, to calm them after a day of challenges,reinforcing the idea that home is a safe, loving environment, where unconditional love is doled out without asking.
    Wish we'd done more of that!
    Thanks for your visit. so good to reconnect with you. blessings, k



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