A Tuesday Tune & 5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home!

G'day lovely friends! Last week I posted about my love of fresh flowers and I was so touched by your very kind responses and comments about my post. Your words made me realise a few things about where I am heading with my blog. I loved putting that post together and I wrote it while contemplating the many emails I had recently received from advertisers, marketing companies, people who want to do guest blogging etc etc. I am in the middle of hosting a give away right now and, as much as I have enjoyed doing this, I felt so pressured to do the right thing for everyone else that I lost focus on what this blog was meant to be all about in the first place, 

I love being an amateur photographer and writing about things that make ME happy, like my family, my home, decorating, cooking and music. You have probably noticed that I have found other online passions, Pinterest and Instagram!

So, from now on I will be posting about things that I love and I won't be doing any more give-aways, unless of course they are from me alone! I will still have Google Ads on my blog, though, as they are providing me with a teeny little bit of extra pocket money which is great, especially since I am not working full time to focus on my family.  I will still be hosting my weekly Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party on the weekends because I love meeting new bloggers from all around the globe! Having my post up on Friday also means that I can have the weekend to myself and I can come and visit all of my bloggy friends during the week. That makes me happy!

So, apart from blogging, what else makes me happy?

Well, my family is, and, will always be, my number one priority and everything I do is for them. So for today's post I would like to share some of the ways that I try to make our home a happy place...

Here are 5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home!

I try my hardest to make our home a happy place and I also try to make visitors to our home feel part of the family. I know I've already touched on it but I will just re-emphasise that I love having fresh flowers in our home.  It is definitely one of the first things I do to make our home look and feel welcoming and beautiful.

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

The 2nd Way I try to make a Happy Home is to have lots of family photos everywhere. I love looking at family snaps and reminiscing about the happy times we have had together as a family. I have a photo wall in our main den, I have portraits on walls and I have frames all over the house.

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

The third thing I love to do in our home is to not to aim for total perfection! I aim instead to have a warm and welcoming environment in our home by having lots of fun accessories in every room to add happy pops of colour. I'm always faffing around the house, plumping cushions, finding new homes for things and trying to make our home personal, colourful, comfy and happy!

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home
5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

The fourth way I try to create a happy home is by making it smell nice. I don't mean that I am always spraying our home with Ambi-pur and the like. I try to have scented candles burning as often as possible and I use a variety of sprays to create fresh aromas and provide a happy mood in the house. 

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

The final way that I make our home a happy place is by playing music.

We all have ipods and we all love listening to our favourite music throughout the day. For example, this week Maddy has been constantly playing this: 

Big Al just heard this song performed at a school choral performance so he has been singing this non stop!

Mr Attorney loves tormenting us sharing with us his love of the classic song Khe Sanh by Australian band Cold Chisel.

Anyone who knows me and follows my blog would know that I love ALL kinds of music and my ipod playlist is wide and varied. This week I have been listening to Christmas music, Adele, Beethoven and this.

Why do I love music so much? Well, there are so many studies about the importance of music and Louise Miles, president of the Australian Music Therapy Association, says music works by turning on multiple areas of your brain: "It has the power to access emotion, stimulate memory, affect your physiology and change your thinking patterns if you're exposed to it over a period of time." (Australian Women's Health)

I think it is important for children in particular to enjoy listening to and playing music. Studies have shown that music assists in the cognitive development of children, inspires creativity and self-expression and it is good for memory skills. Research from Canada found that children aged four to six years old who had music lessons had better memories, as well as higher literacy and maths levels. (Body and Soul)

5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home

And the most important reason we have music playing in our home all the time is 
because it makes us Happy!

That is why I am going to try to keep posting music on my blog and I'm going to try and bring back my weekly #TuesdayTune posts soon too!

So there you have it, 5 Ways I try to make a Happy Home. I  know I could have added so many more things to my list, like cooking for my family, sharing a meal with them every night and decorating our home but I think I might save them for another post!

What kinds of things do you do at your place to make your home a happy one?

Thanks so much for visiting me in my little corner of the world today. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have made in my nearly two years of blogging and I look forward to catching up with you at your bloggy homes during the week.

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. Natasha - I am glad you took a look at where your blog is going and decided to keep it focused on what makes YOU happy. I love spending 5 minutes with you - your photos are alwasy so beautiful.

  2. Hello Natasha

    Well said, and that was beautiful - you are writing from your heart and not to 'win' votes of the readers I can tell - and thank you for that.

    It is an absolute blessing you "invited' me into your home to share that with me.

    thank you - love your list - I couldn't agree with it more


  3. Salut Natasha, I think you've got it sooo right! It's your blog and you should do what feels right for you. I simply like that you've counted the things that make you and your family happy and your home with all the photos looks like a lovely place. Have a great week, Love from London xo

  4. Well said Natasha. Spending five minutes with you is always very special. I really love your honesty about what you and your family love. Thanks for sharing that. Pam x

  5. Natasha - we are as one here!! I love scented candles (from the days when I used to do aromatherapy massae), especially in the winter months, I love fresh flowers in the home, and my home is filled with family photographs. I know that some people like minimalism but, to me, when you walk into a house like that, there is no heart to the home.The beautiful photo of the pink peonies reminds me of the beautiful summer flowers my daughter had for her wedding, back in June. I think you would like my home!! Hee Hee!!

  6. from now on I will be posting about things that I love
    Good for you! That's what it should be. About you and what's going on in your life. :)

    I've always enjoyed your photos, too.

    Just out of curiosity, do you pay blogger for photo storage or host them somewhere else? My brother has blogged for years and never run out of photo space, but I tried to post a few last week and was told I was out of free space.
    Maybe my camera takes too big pictures, haha.

    Have a wonderful evening and a blessed Wednesday. :)

  7. Good for you Natasha! I have only been contacted once by someone who wanted me to advertise for them on my blog, but I never responded because that's something I don't want to get in to. I just like finding new things about Christmas to share. For me, feeling pressured into doing something never turns out well. You have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading about your family. I love your decorating ideas and your photos. Continue to do what makes YOU happy.

  8. The more pictures I see of your home, the more beautiful and breathtaking it is. Gorgeous!!! :O)

  9. What a beautiful post!!! And I love how you displayed you photos to share with us! Thank you!

  10. Fresh flowers are a must in my house as well. When they're gone in the garden, a branch or sprig of green does the job as well. It's amazing the difference it makes in your mood.

    Nice post all the way around.

  11. What a lovely post !!!...your house and live is beautiful !!!...love from me....xxx...

  12. Great post, Natasha, blogging should be fun! I don't bother with contests that have more rules and regulations than the Army! Keep it just the way it is, you have a wonderful blog. xo, P.S. See you in Pinterest-Land, too!

  13. It is so easy to let having a blog get away from where you want to take it! I always love new readers and followers, but I never want it to get to where I cannot have a personal connection and interaction with my readers. I like to respond to comments, I just need to be more timely about it!

    I am really enjoying Pinning and Singing- I am so glad that you started it!


  14. I can tell your home is a "happy place" full of joy! Blessed all around....

  15. Well Natasha, I always READ your post, but this time I read it twice!

    Then I spent a about an hour in the depths of You Tube thanks to the Cory Vidal video. I now have a good video on how to Moon Walk :0)

    Music is VERY connected to math. My son was in the San Francisco Youth Symphony for years... traveled around around the world a few times.

    He also was in an Indie band here in the states, very popular in SF and the west coast. He played bass guitar and wrote the music. Had to stop because of family obligations. Maybe I should post his music this week?

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    (Home to Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party)

  16. I love your blog and your home looks like a beautiful place to be! Mimi xx

  17. Hi Natasha
    I love reading blogs like yours and Bayside Rose. You have original photos and content and your posts are interesting. I often find myself scrolling through my blogger dashboard skipping all the big blogs posts with titles like - giveaway, guest blogger, sponsers, promotion - it just gets boring.
    Keep it up

  18. Sounds like your home is wonderful to live in and would be a great place to visit.

    Just joined pintrest today!


  19. What a happy home you must have Natasha. Seems we're alike in everything, especially the family photos everywhere. Your blog is a breath of fresh air because you keep it 'real'!
    Well done,

  20. Hello Natasha,
    well done! I like your new/old blog. Always enjoy your gorgeous photos. Have a great time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  21. What a great post and I am so happy that you are doing what makes you happy! So many times we, including me, get caught up in other things that aren't what we are and we miss what out on ourselves. I love the Star Wars thing, that is so cool and I love ColdPlay. Music is always playing at our house as well, just makes the day a but happier. :)

  22. You have the prettiest table display!

  23. Agree on all five but in the reverse order.
    For me music comes first.

  24. Beuatiful post!! Your home sounds very special. xx Katherine

  25. We must be wired alike because halfway across the world I do a lot of the same things...

    I love to decorate and create a homey atmosphere. I love to burn candles. I love the feeling of peace of a home not loaded down in clutter (except for lots of photos and books, but even they have their places.) I love to play music in the background.

    I just made the switch in my decor from spring/summer to fall. I will have the fall decorations out until the day after Thanksgiving when Christmas reigns until early Jan. and then with a little tweaking the decor turns to winter until I bring the spring/summer stuff out and the cycle begins again. In the midst of that I try to add fresh flowers as much as possible although I don't think I have as many fresh flowers as you do. They're lovely! :)

  26. Fantastic post! I also do four of the things you mentioned...only sometimes can I do fresh flowers. If I were really wealthy that is one thing I would splurge on each day though, fresh flowers throughout the house. I love burning scented candles and always play music. Both my hubby and I play instruments. Actually this past weekend I thought about linking up one of his songs...maybe soon if I can figure out how to upload it! lol I could not imagine not having music.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post!


  27. This is a great post!!!!
    Would you like to come take pictures of my family??? I really want some fab photos on the wall!!!! More personal and warm!

    Seriously, love your family. Make money later.

  28. Yay, i've just come full circle after working for mysel for the past decade at home, raising children, now my eldest is in high school, i'm back to being a full time mum & loving it. They need you so much more when they get older & i love being a housewife.
    I can't wait to have a home to fill with my colours, smells, vibe, i can certainly taste it, it will be wonderful. Until then, embracing what we have - 4 children squished into an Army house, love Posie

  29. Hi Natasha, your home certainly does look beautiful and very happy. I love all the photos (how do you decide which ones to use?!) and that dinner setting looks so inviting. I couldn't agree more about music. Feeling more happy for having read your post xo

  30. I love your cute photo wall!! Family pictures are the best :)

  31. Hey Natasha, I'm sending that link of the Star Wars song to Jason. Hilarious. xx

  32. I love how you included music as one of the things that make a happy home. For us, it's our books, shelves and tables and floor space full of books. And things we've picked up during our travels :)

  33. I love all your wonderful ideas so much! I'm happy to be your newest follower from the Sunday Social, and would love for you to visit me back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com! :)



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