Wordless Wednesday ~ Wish I was back at the Beach!

As I write this post it is 39°C/90°F here in Brisbane and it is very very HOT! 

The lovely mild temperatures have gone and Summer has finally arrived here in Brisbane...

Me. No. Likey!

I wish I was back at the beach!

How many days 'til Autumn???

Best wishes,



  1. It is sooo hot today!! I took the kids to the beach this morning, before the crowds, so that was nice. Your holiday looks like it was lovely.

  2. Oh Natasha! I hear you although I can remember the days at that very beach when the water felt like a warm bath and the sand burnt your feet. I bet it would've been like that today. And then there's the sunburn! Looks like there's an end in sight. Catch you on the weekend for Pinning and Singing.

    Anne xx

  3. Today didn't seem as hot as Monday! My 9 month old didn't know what hit her! I live right on the beach (in the bay though - not surf side) and it wasn't much cooler here unfortunately.
    They say things will get cooler for the rest of the week... let's all hope they are right!!!

  4. Hi Natasha,
    unbelievable that you have hot summer. Here it is a mild winter. Thank you for the short vitual holiday feeling.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. You don't go to the beach when it's hot? Here, that's when most people do go. ;)

    Stay cool! Lots of cold drinks must be called for. :)

  6. Looks heavenly; we are in a deep freeze in northern Ontario, Canada and expecting a snow storm tonight.
    I just joined Pinterest and very excited to learn what it's all about.

  7. Ahhhhh summer, where art thou??

    Don't you love paddle boarding? We have some and I can't wait for warmer weather so we can throw them in the water!!

    Happy Wednesday ♥

  8. Ahhh, the beach. Just a distant memory for those of us in Canada. Enjoy the weather - get to the beach!!

  9. Beautiful photos! Oh how I love Aussie beaches. xx

  10. That looks so wonderful! I share your desire to return to the beach. It's rainy and chilly here. Temperatures are going to drop tomorrow with snow on the horizon. Although, our winter has been so mild that I welcome a little snow. Hope you are having a happy new year, my friend!

  11. Oh my goodness the pics are beautiful, but I can't handle weather that hot. I just end up staying indoors in the air conditioning. In my younger days I loved it, but times change. Have a great day.

  12. How pretty! WHen you go back, take me with you!!! :D

  13. 50 F here but raining, dark and dreary. Me No Likey! Want to be at the beach with you!

  14. Oh the beach...I am dreaming of it now.....thanks for the images.....

  15. Such beautiful photos! I live at the beach, but it is winter here...so, I will stare at your photos :)

  16. Nothing better than diving into the sea on a hot day! It's winter here....

  17. That looks absolutely Amazing!! I live in Utah so it is cold and snowy here. I am so not a winter person. I would love to be at the beach right now too!! Love the pictures! I am now following your blog. Thanks for the invite over here!



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