Wordless Wednesday ~ Time for Tea, Twitter & a Tim Tam!

All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes. 
George Orwell, "A Nice Cup of Tea"

I've been having fun at PicMonkey this week! Have you been using PicMonkey to edit your pictures? If you haven't used it yet I highly recommend it! It's user friendly and there are so many fun editing filters and tools. You can't make Collages yet but they are coming soon...I can't wait!

I've also been having lots of fun on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter this week and I've finally joined Facebook! I really have been a bit of a social media junkie this week! 
Anyway, I'd love it if you could come and visit and say G'day at one or all of my online homes!

Well, I'd better stop blogging and drinking tea because I need to start making dinner. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting and many thanks also to the lovely people who I am linking to today:

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Poofy Cheeks

See you then!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. I love these pictures and the quote at the beginning is perfect! And social media is so addicting... enjoy it :)

  2. Hi Nat, yes tea and Tim tams sounds heaven to me. Thanks for your thoughts for lotte she is doing very well xxxxkatherine

  3. I love a cup of coffee during the day but please don't talk to me until I've had 2 good strong mugs of tea first thing in the morning. I also like to drink it out of nice fine china cups and think the set in your photo's is very pretty.

  4. ha... I love the quote. I am a true tea lover :) I like mine strong with cream and sugar just like your last photo.

    Pretty cup too.

  5. Nothing like a good old cuppa tea to set things right.

  6. Now I'm not a tea drinker, but I can definitely appreciate how important it is for most people... my parents are still bitterly disappointed that I haven't succumbed to the lure of a nice hot cup of tea... maybe one day I'll humour them and accept a cup!
    Love the photos, the tea cup and saucer is just gorgeous! xo

  7. Hi Natasha. First of all, I love the new look of your blog. Very pretty and fresh looking. Loved the photos for us today. It's great playing around with all these editing programmes that are available to us, isn't it?! Hope all is well with you my friend.

  8. Those are all gorgeous shots, Natasha! You make tea look exceptionally delicious! ;)

    Creation from a Hunger Games Obsession

  9. I've discovered PicMonkey just this week. Lots of fun!! Your cup of tea looks so yummy!! I aspire to be a tea drinker :) I love tea cups. Perhaps you could suggest some super yummy strong tea?? :) I drink espresso, so bring on the strong! lol

  10. Hmm. I steep my tea for 33 minutes. Wonder what that says about me? ;o)

    You have some great photos here, Natasha. :o)

  11. Yes I have used it and can recommend iPiccy as well Natasha!

  12. My girls like to play with photo editing software but I haven't gotten into it.

    Your tea looks so yummy in your beautiful teacup.

    I just clicked on your Zebra Cake recipe and copied it down. It looks so yummy, I can't wait to try it!

  13. I love tea too but I love mine with some milk! See you like it too! I guess I'm kind of wimpy! ;)
    Yay! you're so techy now! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I'm a tea lover too, and mine is certainly getting stronger and less milky each year!

    It's nice to have some other places to find you on social media Natasha - although they are all rather addictive! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  15. I've never heard of PicMonkey; I have to go check it out. I find that to be true about my tea, too. :) I drink quite a bit every day and I tend to like it stronger than I used to.

  16. I am a HUGE fan of hot tea (and iced). I probably drink about 4 mugs of hot tea a day while I'm at work! I have been playing around this Pic Monkey but I was told about another site today called Pixlr so I am going to check that out as well. Glad I found you today!

  17. I love a cup of tea, and boy am I craving a Tim Tam, now that I have seen your photo of one...

  18. I'm up and down witht the social media but always love yours.
    I'm back on Blogger now....

  19. Hi! Just nominated you for the Most Versatile Blogger award! :)

    xo Jessie

  20. love your blog, your newest follower! darling pics....and thanks for recommending pic monkey. i am so sad one of my faves is going away now I have this to edit with!!!

  21. New follower :)
    Over visiting from A Long Road to China....
    I'm an Aussie gal too and couldn't go past clicking on a link that spoke of Tim-Tams!

  22. What a cute post for Pink Saturday! And how brave you are. Between my slight klutziness and grandkids visiting as we enjoy a multitude of delightful activities, including getting out their childrens toy tea sets for our own little tea party fun, I don't dare leave any liquids anywhere near my computer. :) My daughter, though, can do just as you and never spill a drop. :) Have a lovely day.

  23. Natasha, I absolutely love all your pics! Your tea cup and saucer is so very pretty. Glad to hear you're enjoying social media. :) I'll have to find you on a few of these sites. Thanks so much for linking up!

  24. Nice to meet you! I love your teacups and the photos are beautiful! Well done you on picmonkey! Thanks for sharing and linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  25. Hello Natasha,
    What a pretty teacup! Now that Picnik is closeed I will have to check out some other programs. Thanks for joining me for tea today.


  26. A great cup of tea is always so soothing. love your tea cup too. Thanks for reminding me about PicMonkey.

  27. Ooooh Natasha! I love your pretty tea cup! The shape is so elegant, and the blue ribbon around the plate and cup really makes this cup romantic. You have made your tea just how I like it : )
    All your images are so fun! PicMonkey must be really good. I haven't been there yet, but I do love Pinterest.

  28. Hi Natasha, What lovely photos! I enjoy drinking tea in the morning with my newspaper/morning show/computer. It's a great way to start the day. Have a wonderful wknd, Natasha!
    Hugs, Beth

  29. Lovely photos - I have been playing with the new Photobucket - perhaps they are all getting wind of our interest in editing photos and are competing to offer more! Good for us!
    I appreciate you sharing your lovely post at A Delightsome Life!
    God Bless,



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