#FashionFriday and Friday Photos ~ Keeping Warm!

Welcome friends to Natasha in Oz! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under!

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This week has been a super busy one for me here at Natasha in Oz because I hosted my very first Social Media Link Up. It was so wonderful to meet so many new bloggers and to learn about the other social networks that my new and old bloggy friends use. It's taking me a while to get around to follow everyone who linked up but I will get to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc sites as soon as I can. If you would like to check out the 340 links and read my post about the benefits of joining a variety of social networking sites and the importance of Google+ for your blog please click the button below!

Poofy Cheeks

It has also been busy for me and and for my sweet family as we all had to go back to school and work after three weeks of relaxing and a week away at the beach. It was a little difficult to get into the swing of things and it was especially hard waking up in the mornings as it was so cold, dark and wet! However, instead of whining about the cold weather, I embraced it and pulled out all of my favourite sweaters, shawls, scarves and coats.

I wasn't going to let the Big Chill get me down!

The Big Chill

We all know that the cold wintry weather is all about comfort and warmth so I've been cooking lots of comfort food like warming stews and casseroles in the oven which helped warm up the whole house. Maddy and I also made a great big batch of chocolate brownies too...they were heaven on a plate! 

If you would like the recipe you'll have to pop by tomorrow and I'll share it at my Say G'day Saturday Party, a weekly link up for recipes, tutorials, DIY projects, gardening tips, instagram pics, Pinterest Round Up Posts, your linky parties...anything at all!

Natasha In Oz 


  1. It's a bit depressing that your post could well apply to the sort of summer we're currently experiencing here - cold and wet ;-) I'm so with you when it comes to preparing for the new season: I love getting out my favourite pieces and start cooking different food. Have a lovely weekend and keep warm. Love from London xo

  2. So strange to see you staying warm, as we are string to stay cool! We have had quite a heatwave! And no rain! I would love to know your school/vacation schedule, asI am a teacher, as is my husband. We go to school Sept-June, with about 10 days at Christmas, a week in February, and a week in April. Then July and august off. How about you?

  3. It is strange to see you wishing for warm weather at this time. I also wonder when your summer is??

    Thanks for linking up to my "NO RULES Blog Party!!"


  4. this time of year, i start dreaming of boots and sweater coats....

  5. Yum! These look delicious - can't wait to try the recipe!! Found you at Live. Laugh. Rowe's hop. Hope you can visit soon.... excited to be following you.

    Have a great week,

  6. Awesome recipe...and I'm so ready for the Fall around here I can hardly stand it!!! Thanks for sharing at my party! XO, Aimee



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