Tuesday Tune ~ Craig Morgan's 'This Ole Boy'

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This week's Tuesday Tune is Craig Morgan's 'This Ole Boy'-have you heard Craig Morgan before?

Craig Morgan Greer from Kingston Springs, Tennessee, is known professionally as Craig Morgan and is an American country music artist. 

Craig Morgan

A veteran of the United States Army, Morgan began his musical career in 2000.

About Craig Morgan

Since leaving the military, he's remained an enthusiastic supporter, travelling into some of the most dangerous places on earth to entertain our troops. "I was one of the first artists to go into Afghanistan," says Morgan, who received the 2006 USO Merit Award for his tireless support, an honor also awarded to Steven Spielberg, Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Hope. "Right after the invasion, they were still sweeping up glass in Kandahar in the airport. I get to give those men and women a little piece of home. It really does make a difference."

His diverse life experiences forged an appreciative approach to hard work that would serve him well as a country music artist. "Whether I was working at Wal-Mart or as a police officer, I enjoyed what I did," says Morgan. "And I could go right back to that today. I'm going to make whatever I'm doing interesting and fun. I've always tried to look at this like, 'It's a job. And I'm blessed to have it.'"

I hope you enjoy This Ole Boy, featuring Angie Harmon in the music video.

Tuesday Tune ~ Craig Morgan's 'This Ole Boy'

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  1. Ahhh, good ole country. This takes me back to a house construction project...for some reason, country was our go-to music when we were working. Very nostalgic... and yes, he sounds (and looks) good. A sunshiny, playful charisma. Thanks for sharing. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com



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