Creating a Relaxed and Welcoming Ambience in Our Homes

Hello sweet friend! Welcome to Natasha in Oz. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under!

Today I am sharing some of my ideas on creating a relaxing and welcoming ambience in our homes.

According to thefreedictionary.com:

ambience, ambiance [ˈæmbɪəns (French) ɑ̃bjɑ̃s] n
the atmosphere of a place; the mood, special quality, or atmosphere of a place


relaxed [ri-lakst] adj.
Not rigorous or strict, free from strain or tension, easy and informal in manner.

Decorating, Home Decor

At the end of a busy day all I want to do is to relax in my home. I want to be able to easily find somewhere to put my feet up, sip a glass of wine or a cup of tea, ignore the world outside and just be free from any kinds of stress or tension. 

I want to come home to my ambient sanctuary!

Creating a Relaxed and Welcoming Ambience in Our Homes

I truly believe, as I know you do too, that our houses are not just bricks and mortar or timber and nails; our houses are our homes, places of refuge and places that are close to our hearts.

Decorating, Home Decor

The more love we put into our homes the more welcoming, relaxed and ambient they will feel. They can also positively influence behaviour, emotions, and overall mental health.

Decorating, Home Decor

So, here are some the ways that I put my stamp on our surroundings to not only showcase our collective taste but also create a relaxed and welcoming environment in every room of our home.

Decorating, Home Decor

First, I am not an expert so I definitely don't take decorating too seriously! For example, whenever I feel like changing a room around, I 'shop' the house, looking in cupboards and drawers for trinkets or tsotchkes that I put away years ago to then find new 'homes' for them.

Vintage Trios are all through our home!
Decorating, Home Decor

I have knickknacks all through our home that I have found in antique stores mixed with pieces inherited from parents, Great-Grandparents and friends. We also have new furniture, TVs, modern appliances and the usual assortment of iPods, iPod docks, computers and so on all through our house. This mixture allows me to blend styles from differing eras and make our home unique.

Mementos and tsotchkes from our holidays and travels on our coffee table
Decorating, Home Decor, Vignette, Coffee Table

Grey Modern French Provincial Kitchen, Decorating, Home Decor

Modern high back dining chairs together with an antique silky oak sideboard in the dining area;
mixing the old with the new!
Decorating, Home Decor

Decorating, Home Decor

The second way I decorate for relaxation and ambiance is by always 'softening' modern elements by adding color, interesting textural effects and decorative fabrics which in turn injects our unique personalities into our home.

Decorating, Home Decor, cushions

Decorating, Home Decor, cushion, French armchair

Decorating, Home Decor, Cushions

Masculine Vignette 
Masculine Vignette, Decorating, Home Decor

As a result of having so many pre-loved pieces in our home, nothing is too precious for little fingers so my next way of creating a relaxed and welcoming home is to make sure that Children feel welcome! Our homes should not only reflect the personalities of the owners but they should also reflect the personalities of everyone who lives there. Our families should feel welcome to put their feet on the sofa, help themselves to a book to flick through or even add some little details to the decorating themselves.

Kids and Teen magazines on the coffee table in the teen retreat
Decorating, Home Decor, Coffee Table

I always let my kids help me choose fabrics, cushions, paint colours and furniture. they have even been known to email me pictures of homes they think I might like or cut clippings from magazines if they think something might look good in our house.  So yes, our TV is on our antique Chinese sideboard but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Creating a Relaxed and Welcoming Ambience in Our Homes

The final thing that I always do to create a relaxed and welcoming home is light candles. I love candles and they are everywhere around our home. There is nothing more ambient than flickering candles at night.

Decorating, Home Decor, tealight candle

Creating a Relaxed and Welcoming Ambience in Our Homes

Not only are candles beautiful but research from the Smell & Taste Research Foundation in Chicago has showed that different scents can have all kinds of unexpected bonus effects. Aromatherapy may work by sending chemical messages to the part of the brain that affects moods and emotions. For example, if you feel a headache coming on, apple scented candles can apparently help reduce headache painsSusan Rosenthal, director of marketing at International Flavors and Fragrances, says that vanilla "evokes memories of home and hearth, warmth and cuddling."

Decorating, Home Decor, Jo Malone Candle

Decorating, Home Decor, Roses, Vignette

Re-purposing vintage Demitasse cups as tealight candle holders
Decorating, Home Decor, Tealights in Teacups

Decorating, Home Decor, Christmas, candles

There are obviously so many other ways to create a welcoming and relaxed home.  How do you make your home warm, relaxing and welcoming? Do you light candles? Perhaps you like to decorate with passed-down treasures as well! I would love to know what you do to create a welcoming home!

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  1. really enjoyed reading your post :-) I love our home to feel welcoming too and always look for ways to integrate functional things and things we will all enjoy! :-)

  2. Hi Natasha, thanks so much for a great blog post and a tour of your beautiful house. I love how spotless your kitchen is!
    Julie from julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  3. Your house is great and I love every room, specially your warm and lovely kitchen! Thanks for sharing.
    Big hugs,

  4. Beautiful ambience. I love the relaxing atmosphere. Any tips for a MeMe who has a tornado grand daughter. My house is comfortable but no where near as pretty as yours. Enjoyed hoping in to visit you.


  5. Love the pop those pink chairs give to your kitchen, and the relaxed but stylish design throughout. Feels warm and welcoming.

  6. Hi Natasha! I'm stopping by from the blog hop! I am following you on GFC, FB and G+. Please follow me back. If you enjoy my blog post please leave a comment. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,


  7. Candles and colors change everything! Lovely home. :) I love shopping my house too, when I get bored!

  8. Wow, love this. You have beautiful taste when it comes to decorating, your home looks very inviting. I love mismatched antiques, they make a home feel so loved for.

  9. You sure do have a lovely home and I think your idea of changing things around by shopping the house is my way of not taking decorating too seriously too.

    Desire Empire
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Your home is wonderful !!...happy weekend darling....love Ria...xxx !

  11. Just thought you would like to know, I just got a pop up to say I am not allowed to comment on your google plus. Thought I was following you. I shall check.

    Here's what I said.
    "Not so good. I don't think many bloggers get it. Lots have accounts but they are rarely over here. We should be all google pulsing each other apparently.
    Desire Empire

    1. It was on the post where you asked the question about google + comments. After commenting here. I went back and checked we were at least acquaintances and I also ticked the friend box and then tried again. I still got the pop up. Maybe you have blocked me by mistake. We are all working out how this baby works....so who knows.

      I'll try again on another post later and let you know how I go.


  12. Your home is absolutely lovely! And yes a home is ones sanctuary! I just found your blog through My Romantic Home and I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog at http://homeandlifestyledesign.blogspot.com
    I just did a post on a house tour that I built a few years back in Birmingham, AL.
    Thanks, Patty

  13. Thank you Natasha for the personal shout out! I have been reading about this very thing. I agree. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  14. Love all the photos, you really do have wonderful ambiance. I'm new follower by way of the Breaking the Rules linky party. Have a nice weekend!

  15. Love your home Nat! So funny, I just did a similar post about creating cozy ambiance last night :)
    Cas x

  16. You have a beautiful home :) I wish I had your kitchen!!!

  17. We are kindred spirits. I love mixing the old with the new, different fabrics and textures and of course candles everywhere. I also love the way people come in to my house and say that it feels like home. You have a beautiful home! Chel x

  18. absolutely loved this, Natasha! ty for sharing a wee bit more of yourself - so enjoyed it!

  19. Love getting a sneak peek into your home which is gorgeous!!
    I love the touches of pink you have here and there :)
    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend :)

  20. I host a weekly link party called "Seasonal Sundays". This week, in honor of my fourth blog-a-versary, I'm having a giveaway of a $100.00 gift certificate to HomeGoods/TJ Maxx. I'd love to have you join the fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. How lovely and relaxing. I like to mix old and new just like you did in your dining room. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  22. Great tips!Wonderful cozy home!
    Thanks for hostind in Say G'Day!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  23. You have beautiful home, Natasha!!! I would feel most relaxed there. Pinned this...

  24. Thanks so much for stopping by and linking this up with the DIY Sunday Showcase! Jen @ PinkWhen.com

  25. Lovely post... i want to lye on your sofa and having a nap. Your "intérieur" is so cosy ;)

  26. lovely post, your home is so inviting and I can almost smells the fragrance of the Joe Malone candle. Thank you for linking your post to the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  27. Great ideas and beautiful pictures! Thanks for linking them at Monday Funday! --Katie

  28. This is great! I am stopping by from Marvelous Mondays link-up. I can DEF use some help making our home a bit more homier. We don't spend a lot of time at our house but it would be nice to come home to a warm, welcoming one at the end of the day!

  29. I like for my home to be a sanctuary too. Great ideas.

  30. The pictures are beautiful! Great tips!

  31. I enjoyed looking around your very cozy and inviting home! I love the way you have successfully decorated with items of different eras. The do blend nicely! Oh, and I love your shoes!

  32. Your home looks so wonderful and calming. I know all who come to visit would be comfortable. I am so glad you brought this post by the In and Out of the Kitchen Link part. Cynthia at http://FeedingBig.com

  33. Great post! I love the colored pillows and the flowers and the candles, but best I liked matching old with new! Really relaxing post!!!

    (New follower from Give Me The Goods Monday Link Party blog hop

  34. I wish I could by this afternoon! It all looks delightful, and very welcoming!

  35. Love these ideas! I am currently in the middle of redecorating my house with new fresh colors and making it more comfortable.
    I found you via All My Bloggy Friends Link party :D
    Keia @ improvingmewithkeialee.blogspot.com

  36. You have a beautiful home! I love all the pictures! I think pictures are the best way to make a house a home!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  37. I love how your kids are involved in decorating your home. I love all the pictures of your house. Thank you for the tour!

    I'm visiting from Whimsy Wednesday. I hope you're having a great week!


  38. Your home is so lovely. Thanks for all of your amazing photos, and decorating tips.

  39. You have a beautiful home--especially your kitchen! I really like how you mixed the grey tones with a bright pink. I'm stopping by from In and Out of the Kitchen (#107 DIY Chalkboard Family Rules and #108 Crazy Month of May)
    Would you mind to link this post up to my blog hop? I think our readers would love this! Thank you!

  40. You have a lovely home! I agree with your philosophy of decorating for the people living in the home instead of for the decorations. I really enjoyed your photos.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  41. Such a great post Natasha - Yes children and pets should always be welcome. Kylie xx

  42. Nice job! I love the eclectic style you exhibit. Great photos!

  43. Great post! I love your tea cups!!!

  44. Thankyou for this post! Beautiful tips - I love the colours that you added in your rooms.

  45. You have a gorgeous home and these are wonderful tips! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday! Love having you party with us!! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  46. I love your mix of old and new combined with things you love. My house is an eclectic mix and I love it ... I think your home should be a snapshot of you. You have a gorgeous kitchen! Thanks so much for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!

  47. What a wonderful post. Having fun PINNING it!
    Thanks so much for sharing it on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.
    Please come back again this week!
    Ducks ‘n a Row

  48. This is marvelously well written - in the end, our homes should be a welcoming place filled with what makes us happy - loved it! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,



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