Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

G'day sweet friends and welcome to another Say G'day Saturday Linky party!

Say G'day Linky Party

I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine. This week I have already posted about my excitement at teaching Pride and Prejudice, my love for Bacon and Brussels Sprouts and I also posted a divine recipe for Lemon Blueberry pancakes thanks to the Pioneer Woman!

Pioneer Woman Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

I was also SO happy this week because the Say G'day Linky party was the best one ever with 191 links -so close to 200! Thank you SO much to everyone who joined in and shared so many wonderful ideas, projects, recipes, tips and tutorials. It's always so hard to find only five Fabulous Features each week as there are SO MANY amazing ideas out there.

So, since it is Mother's Day this weekend I am going to feature the Most Clicked Mother's Day links!
Just click the picture to be taken straight to the post....

Please don't pin from here!

{FREE} Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers/Tags from +Jamie Sherman 
Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers/Tags

Strawberries for Mum from spoonfulofcrafts.blogspot.dk
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day, Mother's Day Ideas

10 mother's day craft ideas via  +mama lola 
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Pots via The Crafty Lumberjacks
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Mother's Day Cards, Envelope Belts and Gift Tags via mintedstrawberry.blogspot.com
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Mother's Day Printable Coupon Book via +kristi dominguez
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Wheat Grass in a Week via thebunchblog.blogspot.com
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Decorative Flip Flops via +Virginia Megin Gallagher 
Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Thank you so much for joining in with last week's party ! Please feel free to grab an "I Was Featured" button!

Natasha in Oz

Also, don't forget to check out my post on pinning your Mother's Day posts to my Mother's Day group board on Pinterest. Just click the pictures for details!

Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Now to this week's Party!

Have you shared any fun news on your blog this week? Are you excited about a new project, recipe, decorating idea or DIY tip that you shared on your site? If so then I'd love it if you could join in with this week's 


If you have been crafting, baking, planning, gardening or organising a party this week I would love it if you could share your favourite post of the week with me at this weekend's Linky Party.
You can link up a post about your favourite recipe, craft, idea, tutorial, Instagram pics, DIY projects or even your own linky parties. Just add the url of your particular blog post that you would like us to visit to the Linky tool below.

Feel free to grab the code for the Say G'day Saturday button and add that to your post so that your readers might be able to find other bloggers who would like to Say G'Day! I'd also love it if you could tweet about the party and add #SayGDayParty to your tweet!

Please note: by linking up to the Say G'day Party, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post, including pictures, in feature posts on Natasha in Oz. I may also feature your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with all credit being given to the original source.

Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day!

Before you link up can I ask you do to something for me please? I know that many people think it is important to leave long and meaningful comments when you visit someone's blog and many people are even asking that you leave a comment on the two posts that link up before yours or after yours etc at Linky Parties. I also think it's important to leave a nice comment but sometimes that means that you only have time to comment on just those two posts. I was wondering if today you might be able to leave a comment on as many people's posts as possible but, instead of leaving a long 
comment, we use own special message, one that will let others know we have visited, we love their post, we are glad to meet them and that we hope they will come and visit you. I have a group of friends that do that when we visit each other and we have a special phrase that we use which is short and sweet but it lets the other person know we have visited. I would hate for this party to turn into something meaningless...I really do want us all to Say G'day!

Introducing Project Say G'day!

One of things that I love about Instagram is that my IG friends know I am thinking of them with the click of a button. I like their picture and they know I've visited them and that I am thinking of them. 

So, I was thinking, how about for today we try saying something simple like "I'm just stopping by to Say G'day from the Say G'Day Saturday Party. Have a beautiful day and see you again soon!" and then follow that blogger somewhere, somehow. I think Google+ is a great place to start and it's definitely the place to find new bloggy friends, to find enormous support, build a friendly community and of course, it will really help build your profile and help with Search Engine Optimization! To make things easier for everyone it would be wonderful if you could also turn of your word verification too! It takes such a long time to do it and I know that many people just won't comment if you have it on. I don't have it on my blog and Blogger do an amazing job filtering the nasty spammers!

Let's try and Say G'day to as many people as possible this weekend!

If you are on Instagram and would like to join in with my Say G'Day Saturday project over there I'd be so thrilled! Just add the hashtag #saygdaysaturday to your posts this Saturday!

Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party {66} ~ Mother's Day Ideas & Project Say G'Day! #Instagram

Finally, I just want to wish all the Mother's, Grandmother's, Great-Grandmother's, Aunts and Mothers-to-be a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.

Thanks so much for visiting today.

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

Please join me each weekend for the Say G'day Saturday Linky Party!
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  1. Thanks so much for the party and feature - I'll be back later to check out some of the other link-us! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day, Natasha!

  2. Thanks for hosting Natasha. have a splendid weekend.

  3. Thanks for hosting Natasha. Love the features, especially, the flip flops!!


  4. Thank you for the feature and another great party! Woohooo! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the great party, Natasha and may you have a wonderful Mom's Day!

  6. Thanks for hosting. I'm off to share some G'Days with other posters.

  7. Thank you so much for hosting, lovey! And for featuring my flip flops ~ so excited!!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  8. Thank you for having me at your party, Natasha! I am sharing Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake recipe, very appropriate, in my opinion, for Mother'd Day! Wishing you a happy celebration!

  9. Natasha, sorry to have been absent from your lovely party for some time. I'll try to do better. Hope you have a delightful Mother's Day!

  10. Thank you for hosting and allowing me to join in.

  11. Glad to join your party! Hope you have a happy Mother's Day!

  12. Thank you for your great party, Natasha!! Happy Mother's day :)

  13. Hi Natasha,
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Happy Mother's Day and have a great week end!


  14. Thanks for hosting, Natasha! Happy Mother's Day :-)

    With A Blast

  15. Thanks Natasha for this party :)
    My first time here, happy mother's day!

  16. G'Day Natasha! I've shared easy step by step instructions for marble cake :) Thanks for the party! (By the way, am new to Instagram, so have followed you. I think I follow you everywhere else already :)

  17. Hey Natasha,
    I love your idea of saying G'day! I will try to visit as many as I can! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and a super weekend!
    Blessings, Gloria @The Resourceful Gals

  18. thanks for featuring my mother's day craft round-up! have an awesome weekend!

  19. Thanks for the party. Enjoy your Mother's Day!

  20. Thank you so much for another awesome party! I love all of the wonderful Mother's Day ideas! Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's!!

  21. Happy, Happy Saturday Natasha!!
    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful Mother's Day :)

  22. Thank you for hosting Natasha! And for joining me at Home Sweet Home! I am off to visit some links. You have the most amazing posts on your party. From ideas to tech posts! Lots of great info here. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  23. Oh my goodness, what wonderful sites of inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing, going to take a visit or two or three.. fondly ~lynne~

  24. Thank you so much for saying hi and happy Mother's day to you!! I just linked a post.

  25. Thanks so much for a fabulous party darlin'! I love to come party with you, sorry I am a bit late... I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Happy Late Mother's Day :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  26. Thanks for featuring my printables! :)

  27. Thanks so much for the invite! I've linked up my feedburner post. Looks like a great party!!

  28. I think I gained 5 lbs looking at those blueberry pancakes :) Thanks for linking up at Assets and Efforts on HickoryTrail


  29. Thanks for linking up, Natasha! Thank you so much for sharing at last week's All my Bloggy Friends :) I can't wait to see what you share this week!



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