Tuesday Tune: Be Okay & De-Stress

G'day Sweet friends. Welcome to Natasha in Oz and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tune and Words of Wisdom post.

We are a happy crew at Chez Natasha in Oz this week as we are counting down the days to our Autumn Vacation which starts at exactly 3:05 on Friday afternoon! It's been a long term for the kiddos and they have both worked so hard and are no doubt feeling stressed and exhausted after weeks of studying, assessment, early starts and long days. I really feel for kids these days; they are under so much pressure to do well in everything they do and rarely have time to just, well, be kids!

A study, conducted by the University of Cambridge, has proved what most of us already know and that is that technology is one of the main factors causing stress and disrupting our lives.

Be Okay & De-Stress http://www.natashainoz.com/2014/04/tuesday-tune-be-okay-de-stress.html

It found that 38% of 10-18 year olds claim to feel overwhelmed by technology.  Source This really challenges the stereotype that children today prefer technology to real life social interaction. In light of this evidence, I'm going to restrict our technology use these holidays; I'm going to make sure we spend even more time together as a family and I'm going to make sure that we engage in long face-to-face conversations about anything and everything!

Here are some more tips on how we can make our lives a bit more stress free!

10 Ways to De-Stress, Be Stress-Free,

The Greatist-Laughter-Infographic

Stress Management
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5 foods that relieve stress Infographic

Use Your 5 Senses to Bust Stress

We are going to use our holidays to 
De-Stress and  Be Okay!

I hope you enjoyed today's Tuesday Tune! If you have shared a song on your blog lately please let me know in the comments. I'm always wanting to hear new tunes and find new music to listen to!

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 


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