Tuesday Tune Link Up ~ The Musical Alchemy of Elizaveta.

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The Musical Alchemy of Elizaveta.

Have you heard Elizaveta's beautiful voice?

Elizaveta Igorevna Khripounova, known as Elizaveta is a Russian-American pianist, singer/songwriter and opera singer.

Born in New York City, Elizaveta spent eight mere months there, before her interpreter parents moved back to Moscow, Russia. It is in Russia where she learned the piano and commenced writing poems and songs at the age of five. As she grew older, her tastes spanned everything from Russian composers, Bach & Vivaldi to Nina Simone, Queen and DJ Shadow. She left Russia as a teen for Europeand pursued her music studies at the Prague Academy of Music where she discovered she could sing opera.

Elizaveta considers herself a musical alchemist.

“Alchemy and music are similar in nature,” she explains. “You throw seemingly disparate elements in a pot. If you do it correctly, they’re transmuted and something else takes form. I take opera, multiple voices, electronic beats, piano hooks, add a pop melody and create a song. Shake it all well, make sure it’s emotional and really means something, and you get something special”. elizaveta.com

That would be why when I listen to her I also hear Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Bjork, Tori Amos and even Lana Del Ray, especially in the song 'Hero' from her album Beatrix Runs. Her style is modern opera-meets-pop and her music has been described as “…a perfectly sweet combination of pop, electronic, and opera that features her dreamy vocals and 19th-meets-21st century mentality” (Nylon)

Elizaveta - Beatrix Runs cover

I particularly love her song 'Dreamer' and have chosen it as this week's Tuesday Tune because I also love the video for it as well. 

I hope you enjoy listening to Elizaveta as well!

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