Tuesday Tune: TuneIn Radio App and The Pierces.

G'day from Brisbane, Australia. Welcome to Natasha in Oz and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tune, my weekly post where I share my favourite song for the week.

Tuesday Tune: TuneIn Radio App and The Pierces.

This week I'm sharing a new song that I heard on British Radio station BBC2 last night. No I didn't take a day trip over to the UK: I listened to it via the TuneIn Radio app.

Cover art

It's so amazing to be able to listen to radio stations from all around the world on my iphone! I just use the app TuneIn Radio which allows you listen to many of the world’s radio channels. You can stream sports, news, talk and music from every continent and they can all be accessed via your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is also available as an android download.

Here is a screen shot of my favourite stations at the moment.

Tuesday Tune: TuneIn Radio App and The Pierces.

There are so many stations to choose from all around the world. Even though I still don't speak French I love listening to French radio. My daughter learns German so she listens to German stations. It really does make the world seem like a very small place!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fun pop song The Pierces an American Los Angeles-based band consisting of sisters Allison and Catherine Pierce. They are originally from Birmingham, Alabama and were touring the UK when I heard them. I hope you like their most recent tune called Believe in Me.

What did you think of today's Tuesday Tune? If you have shared a song or anything musical on your blog lately please share your post in the link up tool below. I'm always wanting to hear new tunes and find new music to listen to! Please also let me know if you use any other apps to stream radio stations from around the world!

Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you have a great Tuesday and that you enjoy the rest of your week!

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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