Say G'day Saturday Linky Party {92} ~ Faffing About!

G'day dear friends! Welcome to Natasha in Oz, my little corner of happiness in the blog world and welcome to this week's Say G'day Saturday Linky Party!

Say G'day Saturday Linky Party

I hope you have had a great week and are ready for the weekend! I have had a few days substitute teaching but I've also had a few moments to get some chores done and just faff around the house.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the art of faffing let me just quickly tell you a little bit about it!

Definition of faff in English:

to spend your time doing a lot of things that are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing:
"We can’t faff around forever."
"I didn't do anything on Sunday; I just faffed around the house."

'Faffing about' is a phrase that is most often heard in the UK rather than in other parts of the English-speaking world. In fact, even in the UK it is something of an anachronism, more at home in a P G Wodehouse story than as 21st century street slang. 

'Faff' has been used to mean 'dither; fuss; flap' since the 19th century. The Church of England clergyman, author, and folksong collector Sabine Baring-Gould recorded it in Yorkshire Oddities, 1874:

T' clock-maker fizzled an' faff'd aboot her, but nivver did her a farthing's worth o' good. 

So now I've cleared that up here some results of my 'faffing about' ie spending my time styling a coffee table instead of cleaning the house!

Tell me, do you waste time faffing about when you should be doing something far more important? I hope I'm not the only procrastinator out there!

For more coffee table styling tips check out the post 3 Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table (In the Real World) via Chic California, one of my Friday Favorites!

Before we start this week's party, I just want to remind you that the favorites from last week's party are featured at my Friday Favorites post where I have also shared my favourite Pinning Blogger of the week and a fun YouTube clip of some rockin grandparents!

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If you have a minute please check out my Tuesday Tune post for the week where I shared some gorgeous decorating ideas for your home and the gorgeous song 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Southern Living

Thanks so much for visiting me today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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