Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

G'Day from Oz and welcome to the Say G'day Saturday Linky Party hosted by yours truly and +Joanne T Ferguson from What's on the List !
Say G'Day Saturday @ Natasha in Oz

This week I am sharing a few of my thoughts on Pinterest. I'm not sure if you know it but I have a central list of Pinning Bloggers here on my blog with over 580 members. Each week I highlight one of these Pinning Bloggers at my Friday Favorites post.

Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

The Pinning Bloggers Master List was created in September 2011 as a way for me to find new Pinning Bloggers to follow and to feed my addiction to this new amazing and revolutionary idea of an on-line pin board. Yes, that 's right I was ADDICTED! There, I've said it...

My name is Natasha in Oz and 
I am a Pinterest-addict. 

'Hmm, I'm really getting tired of pinning things on Pinterest. Maybe I'll stop,' said no one ever.

I used Pinterest to plan our dinners, get ready for Christmas, find recipes to blog about, find other Pinterest addicts and most importantly to share content from my blog and from other people's blogs. I quickly discovered that with all its faults (copyright, linking issues, inflexibility) it became the number one source of traffic for my blog. These days I don't necessarily use Pinterest every single day but I know its value and I use it as often as I can to promote my blog and the blogs of my lovely friends who join the Say G'Day Saturday Linky party each week. So this week I'm going to share my top 10 reasons why bloggers need Pinterest.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest via www.natashainoz.com

1. Pinterest appeals to Women!

This infographic from Digital Insights shares the latest social media stats for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and YouTube. You will see that Facebook is still the number one social media site and that Google+ is slowly catching up and that Pinterest isn't really "up there" with the giants....BUT....you will see that Pinterest  80% of its users are women and as the majority of Lifestyle and Mommy Bloggers are indeed women it makes sense to use an outlet that women gravitate too!

social media 2014

2. Pinterest generates more referral traffic than any other social media!

Whenever I share content from my blog on Pinterest I get enormous boosts to my traffic. I often have other bloggers telling me that when I pin some of their content as a result of them joining my linky party they get heaps of traffic too. This is because, unlike Facebook which depends on the user actually seeing your image or article in their news feed in the first place, Pinterest encourages users to search by category, to follow BOARDS by category, and to go to YOUR site to actually read the content of the post.

Why is Pinterest So Popular?    who would think it started in 2000 ?!! i got my first computer then and could only send emails..and look at me today.. discovered pinterest and now i do 2 things on my computer... ha ahahha..

3. Paying it Forward!

Pinterest is a great way to help other bloggers who in turn will hopefully help you. It doesn't mean that you should be pinning absolutely EVERYTHING from your own posts to Pinterest!  Like all other social media sites, you still need to interact with others and share other people's content besides your own. You can be a helpful and successful pinner by pinning, re-pinning, commenting and liking other bloggers' pins.This then leads to using your boards for self promotion!

4. Pinterest is a free way to promote your blog!

I'm sure many of you have got lots of gorgeous boards but have you got one specifically for YOUR site? Creating a board with your own content from your own blog is a great way for people to share your stuff! And, because you are paying it forward and interacting with others, they will no doubt check out YOUR boards and hopefully share and repin!

5. You can join Group Boards on Pinterest!

Group Pinterest boards are brilliant for bloggers because it allows your pins to be seen by a much broader audience because when you pin to a group board everyone who follows that board will see that pin. If they then re-pin your pin all of their followers will then see your pin! I belong to group boards for Recipes, DIY, Blogging Tips, Crafts and of course holidays.

For example, I belong to a group board called Food and Drink Recipes. I personally have around 9,000 Pinterest followers but one of my pins on this group board has the potential of being seen by 29,488 Pinterest users.

Group boards on Pinterest are the BEST way to reach a wider audience and therefore bring more traffic to your blog! There are so many benefits of joining Pinterest collaboration boards! If you would like to join my Mother's Day Group Board on Pinterest just click the image below.

Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

6. Pinterest forces you to learn how to be creative!

We all know that Pinterest is one visual feast with gorgeous images one after the other encouraging you to pin away! If you think about the images that you regularly pin I'm sure you will find that the majority of them are large, long, clear, and they contain text describing the content. Try to get into the habit of using sites like Canva, PicMonkey or even photo editing websites on your iPhone to add descriptions and watermarks to your pictures.

Sehr praktisch: Quick Guide to Pinterest Images #pinterest

7. You can arrange Your boards!

Don't be shy about using Pinterest as a tool of self promotion so go ahead and re-arrange your boards! As you will see my boards are at the top so they are the first boards that will be seen when someone clicks onto my profile. You will also see that the cover pictures for most of my boards are from my own blog posts.

Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

8. You can Link to Facebook & Twitter!

Pinterest is linked to Twitter and Facebook so you can easily and quickly share your pins to Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. You can also add Pinterest to your Facebook timeline if you want but I don't don't want to harass my poor FB friends when I'm on a pinning spree so I haven't done that!

Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

9. Pinterest can help with Market Research!

Pinterest makes it easy for you to see what articles are popular and which articles aren't getting as much attention. If you can see that of your images is being pinned like crazy then that should be a subject you should spend some more time on. If you haven't already done this before put your website address into this link and see what’s been pinned from your website – all of the images that have ever been pinned from your website will be shown. It is a great way to do some quick market research! http://pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com

10. You can register your blog on Pinterest for Business for analytics!

Pinterest for Business provides bloggers with heaps of free goodies for maximum blog and Pinterest exposure. It is so easy to change your account from a personal one to a business account and it will then allow you to access to analytics on Pinterest, add rich pins to your website, add a pin it button to your blog and add a Pinterest board widget to your blog sidebar. It will show you which pins are popular so you can repin them to group boards.

If you’re a Pinterest user, you know that pinning on Pinterest happens fast and furiously. How do you make your content stand out and get noticed? Here are 4 simple tweaks

I hope you have found this information on the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest interesting. Feel free to pin it and share!

Say G'Day Linky Party {101} and the Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Pinterest.

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