Easy Christmas Craft for the Kids: Personalized Candles using Sharpies.

Today, to help us get into the Christmas Spirit, I am thrilled to introduce you to Coco from Homeschoolapalooza  who is sharing her tutorial on how to make... 

Personalized Candles using Sharpies!

Coco is a home-schooled teenager who loves to work on DIY crafts. Coco also loves to blog and it is a passion she would really like to pursue. If you haven't met Coco please drop by and say g'day. She would LOVE to hear from you!

It's over to you Coco!

Hey there everybody! My name is Coco from Homeschoolapalooza and I am super excited and happy to be a Guest Poster for Natasha! Today, I am going to show you how you can make a Personalized Christmas Candle. It's super easy, fun, and a great gift to give for Christmas. Let's get started!

You will need: 

  •  Sharpies (I use regular Fine Point ones) 
  •  Candle 
  •  Wax Paper 
  •  Tissue Paper (Not the kind you blow your nose in!) 
  •  Blow Dryer 

Okay! First, take your candle and lay it on top on your tissue paper. You want to draw tiny lines about 1/4 inch away from candle. This is your boundaries - You will want to stay in this area, but it is perfectly fine if you go over a little.

Next, take your tissue paper and draw a design on it - you want to make sure that you have something underneath it so that it doesn't bleed through. I did a simple Merry Christmas with a Tree and Mistletoe.

Then, cut your design out leaving a tiny border.

Lay the design out on your candle. then wrap it in wax paper, taping in at the back.

Get your blow dryer and turn it on hot. Continually move the heat around. Do this for about 1-2 minutes. Then, take off the was paper. If the tissue paper is still sticking up and is not melted on, re-wrap and start blowing again. Take it out of its wrapping and stare at your beautiful design!

Yay! So pretty :-)


Be careful with reds - as you can see in the photo - the red bleeds a little! I don't mind because you can't see it unless you are zoomed in like this, but if that would drive you crazy, be sure to use little to no red on your candle! I hope you like it!

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XOXO, Coco

Thank you SO much Coco for putting this fabulous guest-post together. I truly appreciate it! 

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