It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere: Pomegranate, Peach and Lime Sangria!

G'day friends. Thanks for stopping by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under.  Summer has officially arrived and when summer arrives Aussies know that Christmas is right around the corner! To help us prepare for the festive parties that will be happening over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I am thrilled to welcome +Eliza Ellis  who is sharing her amazing recipe for

Pomegranate, Peach and Lime Sangria! 

Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria by Eliza Ellis


 It's over to you, Eliza!

Guest Posting @ www.natashainoz.com

A few weeks ago I happened to read that the lovely Natasha in Oz was looking for some bloggers to guest post for her... let me tell you, I was on the email to her faster than you can say 'omgIwouldlovetodothisanditwouldbeawesome'!

And as luck would have it, here I am today!

Massive thanks to Natasha and you guys for having me, and since its such an exciting occasion, and our summer weather has been way too hot already, I thought I'd share my gorgeous Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria recipe.

Sangria is something I've just recently discovered - it's not that common here in Australia - but oh my goodness....

Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria by Eliza Ellis

Light and refreshing, it's just perfect for our hot summer evenings, and it's now one of my go to entertaining recipes.

I'm also a massive fan of supporting local vineyards, and this recipe features wine from another Aussie blogger -  my good friend Elisha from The Windmill Paddock - who kindly dropped around a bottle of her Sangiovese Tempranillo.

So here's how to make it.


You will need:

2 small yellow peaches
1 pomegranate
1 lime
1 bottle of lemonade
1 bottle of Rose
2 - 3 drops vanilla essence

Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria by Eliza Ellis

STEP ONE: Finely slice the lime and peaches, and add to the bottom of a large jug. Add pomegranate seeds.

Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria by Eliza Ellis

STEP TWO: Add a few drops of vanilla essence to the fruit. I found a few drops weren't enough to make the drink taste of vanilla, it just softened the flavors and helped round them out.

STEP THREE: Fill the jug 1/3 full with the Rose - depending on how strong and alcoholic you want it to be. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon, and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to develop. Top the jug up with lemonade right before serving.

Pomegranate, Peach & Lime Sangria by Eliza Ellis

And there we have it - Pomegranate, Peach and Lime Sangria! 

The great thing about this recipe is it's so versatile - you can use whatever fruit is in season, your favorite local wines, and taste as you go to make your own unique, fabulous recipe.

Once again, I'd like to say a massive thanks to Natasha and you guys for having me today! I hope you try this recipe and love it as much as I do!

All the best,


Thank you SO much for this delicious guest post Eliza - I truly appreciate it!

If you aren't already following Eliza you really MUST! She shares delicious recipes, organisational tips, fabulous free printables and so much more. Please do stop by and say g'day to Eliza and tell her Natasha in Oz sent you!

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Thanks again for visiting today. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Cheers and best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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