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G'day from Oz sweet friend. Thanks so much for joining me for another fun Sundays Down Under Linky Party.

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I LOVE pinning YOUR posts to my Sundays Down Under board each week and sharing your talent with my wonderful 3000 followers!

Last week I shared some tips on how to ensure that your beautiful and informative blog images get more pins by suggesting that we add good quality image alt tags and title tags. 

Tips to help with Search Engine Optimization @ www.natashainoz.com

This week I'd like to explain a little more about SEO and why we need attention grabbing headlines.

How to write a brilliant blog post headline

Blogging Tips via www.natashainoz.com

An attention grabbing headline is extremely important for SEO and increasing traffic to your blog. I know that when I first started blogging by headlines were downright weird! They were vague, off the point and most times didn't mention what the actual blog post was about! When I look back on some of them now I am sooooo embarrassed! Can you imagine not even putting the word 'recipe' in the headline for a post that contains a recipe! Duh...what an idiot!

Over the years I've learned that I need to include the following elements to write an engaging and attention-grabbing title.

1. First you need to use popular search queries. These are simple phrases such as 'how-to' and 'what is'. Major search engines especially Google provide a way to search into query streams to discover the most popular search keywords, trends and topics. Google Trends is the best of them all. It allows you to search their database of searches within your country or any place around the globe! You can also find the same kind of info at Bing Trends, AOL Search Trends, Twitter Search and YouTube Trends.  When you've found what's hot and you've written a post about it, use “how to” or “what is” in your title and you will also attract the search engines. Woohoo!

2. Next to try to use a catchy adjective. Use a sensory word to describe the taste of your recipe, an emotional word to describe the feelings you are describing or a active word to describe your healthy advice.

3. Now, when it comes to numbers, ignore everything you've been taught about writing out the number in words! Start off your title with numbers. It draws people's attention. It's a great way to tell your audience how much exactly they're going to get. The Buffer Blog has pointed to Takipi research that found that digits in headlines are more shareable. So, instead of saying “Ten ways to…” you should say “10 ways to…” The research also found that the bigger a number in a post, the farther it spreads!

Image via Buffer
list posts

4. My fourth piece of advice is don't re-invent the wheel! There are some amazing people out there who love sharing and helping others. For example, Pauline Cabrera from Twelveskip created the amazing infographic below with 74 post title ideas! Her post 100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grab Attention is worth a read and a pin!

Infographic via Twelveskip
100+ Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work @ http://www.twelveskip.com/guide/blogging/1247/blog-post-title-templates-that-work

5. Finally, don't just keep using the same formula for every post. Use a variety of styles and headlines so you keep your content fresh and up-to-date. Oh and try to use less than 70 characters. You can very easily convey your message with 70 characters but, more importantly, Google cuts off titles longer than 70 characters because it thinks the content could be spam!

Here's a re-cap:

See how easy it is to write a brilliant blog post headline! Let your creative juices flow, be succinct, use a few keywords and your blog post titles will be the bomb!

Blogging Tips via www.natashainoz.com

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