5 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise and the Sundays Down Under Link Up {14}

G'day from Oz lovely friends and welcome to the Sundays Down Under link up!

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As this post goes live I am (hopefully!) sitting on the beach at my favourite place in Australia, Mooloolaba! Through the magic of post-scheduling I'm able to host this weekend's Sundays Down Under linky party and enjoy the first week of Spring Break! Isn't technology great?

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I intend to use this week to relax, rejuvenate and rest but I also intend to EXERCISE! I'm going to walk along the beach every single day for at least 1 hour and I'm going to exercise my brain by catching up on some reading.

After all, exercise and brain power are intrinsically linked so I'll be keeping both my body and my mind healthy!

Here are 5 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise

5 Mental Health Benefits Of #Exercise via www.natashainoz.com

1. Did you know that exercise is the BEST thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood and memory? This is because exercise speeds up breathing, which then increases oxygen levels in the blood which then leads to increased brain function (GNC).

Infographic via Get Healthy

2. The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has found that the best brain exercise may be physical exercise. The study shows that exercise can speed up learning, improve blood flow to the brain, and, in the elderly, exercise has been shown to help stave off memory loss associated with some forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease (Chicago Tribune).

How Working Out Can Make You Smarter Infographic
Infographic via Online College Courses

3. Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells and improve overall brain performance (Huffington Post).

Exercise as medicine | Quote from Bill Phillips

4. Research shows that people who make time for regular exercise are more productive and have more energy than their more sedentary peers.

Jogging gif

5. Exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety (Harvard Health).

Infographic via Life Hack

While we are enjoying our daily walks or sweating it out in the gym, we'll not only be benefiting our bodies, but also our most important organs – our brains!

#MentalHealth Benefits Of #Exercise via www.natashainoz.com

Now, let's get our brains ready for this week's linky party!

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Take care and don't forget to find time to look after YOU!

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