5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience and the Sundays Down Under Linky Party {12}

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I LOVE this weekly link up and have been so thrilled to welcome new bloggers to the party each week . I also love SHARING your amazing work by pinning YOUR posts to my Sundays Down Under board each week with my 3000 followers!

I'm sure you all know how important Pinterest is for bloggers and its appeal stems from the fact that it is such a visual form of media. Another visual tool that I love using and that is becoming more and more important for bloggers is Instagram. 42% of marketers have planned to increase their use of Instagram this year so obviously visual content is more important than ever for your blog's marketing strategy. 

That's why today's quick blogging tips are all about Instagram!

Here are 5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience.

Here are 5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your tribe and increase followers

1. Think of your Instagram pictures as a curated collection of your life. Share snippets from your day, family snaps (if you are comfortable doing so of course!), pictures of your pets, sneak-peeks of up and coming blog posts and promotional pics from said blog post once it is live. 

#Instagram tips to get more followers

2.Don't worry about numbers! Post pictures that you love without thinking about how many people are following you. Your authentic photos will be way more appealing to your followers than 'fake' and staged pictures. New York portrait photographer Chris Schoonover decided to stop taking pictures that he predicted would get likes and instead focused on sharing photos that inspired him. With over 60K followers he must be doing something right!

"There is the temptation to take the photos that you know other people will 'like'. I decided to take the photos I want to take, regardless of how many likes I get. I seem to get more comments and feedback when I do that." - @cschoonover 

3. Try to experiment with your pictures occasionally by using different angles. Get down low to the ground, take food pictures from a high angle by climbing on a chair or lie down and take a picture of the sky through a canopy of trees!

4. Adding hashtags is a great way to reach out to a wider audience and help you connect with instagrammers who have the same interests as you. Since you can't actually add a live link to your posts hashtags are really important. Try tagging your photos with a description of your photo (#health, #yoga, #fashion, #chocolate etc), the type of filter you used, the apps you used to process your photos, your location, or a topical issue. There's also heaps of popular hashtags that regular grammers use like #instagood, #photooftheday, and #instagood. If you want to find the top hashtags in use try using Iconosquare. It's a great way to check out your stats and keep track of who is following you but the statistic section gives a list of the top tags.

5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience

I also like how I can see overviews of my best pictures, most likes etc via Iconosquare.

Most liked media via Iconosquare

5. Just like every other social network, Instagram is all about engagement, real engagement!  All the tips and tricks become obsolete if you don't build a relationship with your followers. Make sure you 'like' photos with a quick double-tap, leave thoughtful comments, find new people to follow, respond to comments and interact with other grammers. The more you put in the more you will get out of it. Authentic engagement will probably lead to new followers make Instagram a fun and rewarding experience for you. 

5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience

I hope you found these 5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience helpful. I'd be thrilled if you could share them with your followers!

5 Simple Instagram tips to help build your audience

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Each week I share some of the fabulous posts that I find at the Sundays Down Under link party at my Flipboard magazine. The August/September issue of Sundays Down Under features the following bloggers:

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Our Life in a Click, and Ariel Louise.

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