#DinnerSpinner app review and a recipe for Panzanella Salad

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I've been planning and writing this post about one of my favourite recipe apps for a week or so and then, serendipitously I just today read an announcement that Meredith corporation will be launching a new television program based on the very same app! How exciting is that? Can you believe that a television series has been inspired by an app?

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To try and get a bit more organised I have recently downloaded a few recipe apps so I can get a meal together quickly with whatever ingredients I have in my fridge and pantry. One app that I particularly like is the free AllRecipes app called Dinner Spinner.

Dinner Spinner gives you quick and easy instant access to Allrecipes’ collection of recipes, cooking videos and photographs.

Access your personalized food feed jam packed with trending and seasonal recipes, easily create custom collections to organize and share favorite recipes by theme, and create your personal Cook’s Profile to share favorite recipes with friends, family and other cooks with your same interests.

I love this app because you simply type in your available ingredients, the type of dish you want to prepare, and how long you want to spend preparing it; et volia, a delicious recipes is right there at your fingertips!

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For example, I needed a salad recipe that was easy and quick so gave the dinner spinner app a spin and found a recipe for Italian panzanella salad. I had all the ingredients, including the nearly stale bread so I gave the recipe a go.

#DinnerSpinner app review and a recipe for Panzanella Salad

It was a delicious success and was ready in under 10 minutes.

#DinnerSpinner app review and a recipe for Panzanella Salad

Italian bread salad aka Panzanella Salad


1 loaf of stale italian ciabatta bread (I used Turkish bread!)
600g ripe mixed organic tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
About 1/2 bunch fresh basil
1 cucumber, unpeeled, seeded, and sliced 1/2-inch thick
1 small Spanish (red) onion, peeled and finely sliced
3 tablespoons capers, drained
100ml red wine vinegar
300ml extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


Tear the bread into rough 3cm pieces and place on a tray. Bake in a warm oven until golden brown and dry. Leave to cool.

Place the oil, vinegar and garlic in a bowl, add the bread and toss together. Add the tomato and onion and tear in the basil leaves. Toss again, season to taste and serve immediately.


This video from Gooseberry Patch is another variation of the recipe. There are so many versions of this recipe. It really is such a versatile and delicious recipe!

I just want you to also know that I am not receiving any compensation or endorsements for writing this post; I just think it's a great app and I really wanted to share it! The app is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone and as I said before, IT'S FREE! Why not give it a go if you haven't already tried it.

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